Haven't started yet. But already paid €280.

Haven't started yet. But already paid €280.
Photo by Mario Gogh / Unsplash

We haven't even started yet and we have already spent €280.

  • 2 domains for each €19 per year.
  • 2 email addresses for each €12 per year.
  • 1 ghost.org account $108 per year (soon, we have to create a second account).
  • 1 Canva account €109,99 per year.

We bought the following two domains: telllme.de and telllme.com. Right now, we are working on preparing the .com page first. As soon as we are confident with the results, we will create the .de page. The difference between those pages will be just the language. telllme.com for our international english-speaking people. telllme.de for our german-speaking people.

We don't know yet how to create a multilanguage page with low effort and low costs. This is the reason why we have for now two domains and why we're making two different websites.

We created two email addresses for the beginning.

  • hello@telllme.com
  • hallo@telllme.de

I think this is a really marvellous idea. Since telllme is all about creating conversations, having the basic words "hello" or "hallo" in the email-addresses makes them more likeable.

Ghost.org is a CMS (Content-Management-Service), which we decided to use to create content for our website without having to program everything. If you want to know more details about it, I can make a separate post some day. Side-note: This page thakzhan.de is also made with ghost.org.

It’s all about creating great conversations.
This is how our website currently looks like. Depending on when you're clicking on the link, the page will look different.

Canva is a tool to create social media posts in a simplified way. I haven't used it yet that much. But my partner is convinced that it will speed up her workflow tremendously.

I think there will be more costs coming up, before we will actually publish the app. I will keep you updated.

Thakzhan 🐾

PS: Would love to read your thoughts on it. Either write a comment or just reply to this newsletter mail 🐳.