The goal of our websites

The goal of our websites
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We are working on an app called telllme and we are creating a website for it. If you have been following the previous posts, you might have asked yourself why we want to create the websites, since we're "only" working on phone-apps.

Most of the apps you are using likely have a website, but the probability is high that you have never been on them unless these websites are called Google, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok or any shopping-brand-name.


We actually have the possibility to create a web-app. A web-app is basically the same thing as a normal app, but you don't have to download it. You can access it through a normal web-browser (e.g., Google Chrome).

We still have to think about, if we want to publish a web-app as well or if we only want to stay with the Android and iOS apps. When publishing web-apps, as far as I have understood, there will be less data cached on the phone. This would mean the web-app would constantly try to fetch data from the server. This will push up our costs, because every time we are communicating with a server, we as the app-provider have to pay fees.

Right now, it is for me difficult to say how much it will cost. That's why we will first publish the Android and iOS app. Afterwards, the Web-App might follow. This web-app could be accessed through one of our website-links. So, this could be a reason to create a website specifically for telllme.

We want to be found by strangers

But our main reason for creating a website is, we want our app not only to be found through the App Store and PlayStore. We also want to be found by people who are looking us up through their search engines like Google, Bing or Ecosia.

We want to be found by people who are looking into all kinds of questions in the topic "conversations". The websites will have multiple articles about how to start conversations, how to have a fun time while talking, or how to talk with someone on a deeper intimate level.

Shortly, if we want to give this strategy a more professional name, we could call it a "SEO-Strategy". SEO stands for "Search Engine Optimization". The goal is to be findable through search engines.

Social is a game of shock.
Search is a game of service.
- Jack Butcher from Visualize Value

After the people have read the articles, there is a slight chance that people would have a second look at the website and might see that there is actually an app which can help them elevate their conversations. Maybe, by mentioning the app in the articles as well, we could have even more users. We will see.

Thakzhan 🐾

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