Weekly Schedule is tough

Weekly Schedule is tough
Photo by Usman Yousaf / Unsplash

I've been doing this weekly newsletter for six weeks now. My current thought: This is difficult to keep up with while working full time, doing my other projects and while spending time with my friends and family.

I realized it last week, when I wrote my whole post on a Friday night, so that it can be published on Saturday morning. This week, it became a pattern.  

I can't keep up like this. Writing articles should not be that exhausting. Therefore, I will reduce the frequency of this newsletter to a biweekly schedule. This way, I have more time to spend on each article.

I hope, by doing this, the quality of my posts will stay high and I also hope that I can offer longer posts, which can be even more valuable.

Regarding telllme, I will ask in the next week for the official permission to start my company.

See you guys in two weeks!

Thakzhan 🐾