About me

👋🏾 Hi, my name is Thakzhan. Currently, I'm working as a Tester / Test Automation Engineer in a fast-growing delivery company. My career started in mid 2020 during the Covid pandemic. Aside from my 40-hour work week, I try to work on a few side-projects (a.k.a. hobbies) as well.

Picture of me in four different stages: Sleeping, Learning, Planning and Eating
Me in my four stages

🫂 Social Work. I joined comdu.it in mid 2021. I helped out with an IT-project. But took a break in the second quarter of 2023 to prioritize my own projects. For now, I donate a certain amount of my money every month via this organization:

Effektiv Spenden
Wer spendet, will möglichst viel bewirken. Deshalb ist es wichtig, nur an die besten Organisationen zu spenden. Wir zeige Dir unabhängig welche das sind.

👨🏾‍💻 Coding. I am working on an app-idea in my free-time. This is an ongoing project, which I will make public as soon as possible. For more info, look here:

Telllme is an icebreaker app. You can use it when you’re together with your friends, when you’re on a date or when you’re sitting together with people you don’t know yet.

🇰🇷 Languages. One habit, which I have started about a year ago, is learning Korean. Currently, I am spending five minutes a day to learn the vocabulary. I haven't spent a lot of time with grammar yet, but I try to surround myself with the Korean language by listening to Korean music and watching K-Dramas. I also dedicated a post about my learning journey. Check it out:

365 days of learning vocabulary - enough to learn a language?
I have spent over 365 days with learning vocabulary. The question is - Am I now able to speak or at least understand my target language?

📷 Photography and Videography. Crafting and working with a camera is what I really enjoy. Truthfully, it has been a long time that I did anything with it. But feel free to check out some of my curated photos here:

HappyThakko Pictures
There are different reasons, why one would like to have photos of oneself. Either to use as a profile picture on various social media platforms to show howyou look like. For this purpose, one usually likes to present the best versionof oneself. I focus on taking profile pictures,

📚Books. I love to listen to audiobooks. Sometimes, I also read normal books. You can check out my Goodreads page to see, which books I've read. Would love to connect with similar book-readers.

Thakzhan’s ‘read’ books on Goodreads (98 books)
Thakzhan has 98 books on his read shelf: Flammender Zorn by Suzanne Collins, Gefährliche Liebe by Suzanne Collins, 살아남은 로맨스 5 by Lee Yeon, 살아남은 로맨스 4 by…

Please remind me to replace this page with a newer photo of me with more elegance, where all the outstanding characteristics of mine are shown. Thanks - Thakzhan.