About me

Hi, my name is Thakzhan. Currently, I'm working as a Tester / Test Automation Engineer in a fast-growing delivery company. My career started in mid 2020 during the Covid pandemic. Aside from my 40-hour work week, I try to work on a few side-projects (a.k.a. hobbies) as well.

Social Work. I joined comdu.it in mid 2021. Currently helping out with an IT-project. More info will come soon.

Coding. I am working on an app-idea in my free-time with a friend of mine. This is an ongoing project, which we will make public as soon as possible.

Languages. One habit, which I have started about a year ago, is learning Korean. Currently, I am spending five minutes a day to learn the vocabulary. I haven't spent a lot of time with grammar yet, but I try to surround myself with the Korean language by listening to Korean music and watching K-Dramas. I also dedicated a post about my learning journey. Check it out: 365 days of learning vocabulary - enough to learn a language?

Photography and Videography. Crafting and working with a camera is what I really enjoy. Truthfully, it has been a long time but feel free to check out my photography-page on Instagram.

Please remind me to replace this page with a newer photo of me with more elegance, where all the outstanding characteristics of mine are shown. Thanks - Thakzhan.
Picture of me in four different stages: Sleeping, Learning, Planning and Eating
Me in my four stages