Slow progress with telllme last year - requires changed approach

Investing in products to save time will keep you motivated in the long run.

Slow progress with telllme last year - requires changed approach
telllme is available on Google Play. AppStore app is still in progress

Embarking on the journey of launching a new app is an exciting endeavor, filled with both triumphs and hurdles. In my case, the goal was to make my app, "telllme," available to everyone. While the process of publishing on the PlayStore was smooth, the AppStore posed a unique challenge that I hadn't initially anticipated.

upload in progress, 0
telllme in the PlayStore

The stumbling block? My reluctance to invest in a MacBook for iOS app development. As a cost-conscious individual, the idea of purchasing a specific device solely for this purpose seemed extravagant. This decision, however, made me search for alternative methods, but I ended up not finding proper solutions for a while. This made me lose motivation and also side-track a little bit.

No progress leads to low motivation

In hindsight, the lesson learned here was the importance of weighing the potential benefits against the upfront costs in the world of app development. Sometimes, investing in the right tools can make all the difference in reaching a broader audience and achieving overall success.

Beyond the technical aspects, I delved into the complex realm of collaboration when seeking partners for my private project. Finding reliable and dedicated individuals to work on a shared vision proved to be a formidable task. Striking the right balance between ensuring tasks are completed and allowing for autonomy is a delicate dance.

In the pursuit of ideal collaborators, the challenge lay in avoiding a micromanagement approach that could stifle creativity and hinder the development of a true partnership. It's a fine line to tread – the desire for accountability without transforming collaborators into mere employees. The goal is to foster an environment where everyone feels a sense of ownership in the project, transforming them into co-founders rather than mere contributors.

Co-Founder unequals Contributor

In conclusion, the journey of bringing "telllme" to life unveiled valuable insights into the importance of strategic investments in technology and the nuanced art of collaboration. Aspiring app developers, take note – success lies not only in the functionality of your app but also in the decisions you make along the way and the partnerships you forge.