Sometimes, we just don't know what to talk about

First look into the app I've been building in the past months as a side-project.

Logo of the app telllme
The name of our app: telllme

Do you know the feeling, when you have a wonderful conversation with someone you have just met at a party, but after a while you don't know anymore what to talk about? You have now two options: go talk with someone else or elevate the conversation by asking interesting questions.

But how do you elevate the conversation you ask?

I am currently working on an app, which is supposed to help you in exact these situations. It will be called "telllme".

Shows a Galaxy phone with the first version of telllme. The phone is surrounded by other tech-gadgets.
First look of the app

The app still needs some fine-tuning. Afterwards, we will launch a beta test-phase. We will start with a German version. Shortly after, an English version will be released as well.

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